pay day loans no credit check However, there is never really an excuse for doing a credit check, because the information provided by such a check is not really relevant. Pay day loans are always for relatively small amounts and for short periods of time. Unlike more traditional personal loans, which almost always require credit checks, with pay day loans you are not going to be responsible for a series of payments over a long period of time. Because the amount you borrow will normally be less than your monthly pay, the risk to the lender of not getting their money back is very small. pay day loans no credit check

pay day loans no credit check The important things for them to check are the details of your employment, and the bank account that your pay goes into. As long as you provide full and accurate information about your employment, income and bank account at the time of your application, there should be no phone call or fax required. It is only when there is some detail around these important areas that the pay day lender is not able to confirm from your application that you should ever be asked for any additional proof.

pay day loans no credit check Take care not to use the simplicity and speed of a lender as your only criteria when you are looking for a loan. You need to be aware that not all pay day loan companies are particularly ethical, and some may make it relatively easy for you to get money, in the expectation of making you pay very dearly for the loan. The problem in this respect is when the less reputable companies make it easy for you to not hit a repayment deadline, then apply astronomical penalty charges or interest. Once this process starts, your debt quickly escalates and becomes very difficult to pay day loans no credit check